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March 10, 2015:

In a shocking announcement, Delhi's governmental land-holding agency, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), announced that the "rehabilitation" scheme for the Kathputli Colony was a failure (link). A policy paper released by the DDA states: “It had been assumed that the slum dwellers would move out of the Kathputli colony since redevelopment was a major incentive. However, in this case, since the consent of the dwellers was not taken in advance, the project has not made much progress as dwellers have refused to move." The DDA has proposed has a new redevelopment scheme for Kathputli in which the colonists will be moved only if 70% or more of the slum dwellers approve of the developer's plan -- overall, it is a far more inclusive plan and would be a positive development for the Kathputli artists if passed. 

August 11, 2014:

In the middle of the night, police raided the Kathputli Colony, dragging artists from their homes, beating them with clubs, and asking, "Why haven't you moved into the transit camps yet?" This action is currently being taken up in the courts, but please view the slideshow below to see some of the violence inflicted upon the colony residents. 

Here are two articles about the incident:

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Many of the artist families in the Kathputli Colony are unsure if the government will provide them flats or whether the next generation will continue their cultural traditions. This page offers the latest news and suggestions for ways you can help support the artists. 

The President's Letter

Read a letter from the Pradahn of the Kathputli Colony, Dalip Bhatt, stating their clear demands to the Delhi Development Authority. It's a good place to start if you're wondering how to help. 

Read Letter →

Contact the Artists

The artists of the Kathputli Colony are available for hire for festivals, shows, birthday parties in and around India. They're wonderful performers, and hiring them ensures their livelihood continues. 

Contact the Artists →


We are raising funds to bring "Tomorrow We Disappear" to India. Our goal is to have one of the three largest releases of a documentary in India's history, and to bring greater awareness towards the Kathputli cause. 



The Hazard Centre in Delhi is circulating a petition to the Indian government to ensure the Kathputli artists receive fair, open, and honest treatment in the resettlement proceedings. 

Sign the Petition →

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