The below letter is written by Dalip Bhatt, the acting president of Kathputli's makeshift government, the Bhule Bisre Kalakar Samriti ("Cooperative of Lost and Forgotten Artists").  He states the artists demands to the government that they want addressed before they consider relocating into the transit camps. 

    English Translation

    This is the request of the residents of the Kathputli Colony to the Delhi Development Authority. 

    • All of the slum dwellers surveyed by the DDA should receive the benefits of the rehabilitation project. Those with the numbers painted their homes should also be included.
    • Before shifting us to the transit camp we should receive a list of the families who will benefit from this project, so that we can make sure that no resident has been left out. 
    • Before moving to the transit camp, we should receive our Allotment Letter for Resettlement along with our flat numbers, so that we will have no difficulty when returning. 
    • How long we will live in the transit camp and what fundamental facilities will be available, such as drinking water in our homes, electricity, bathroom, health center, school, and proper facilities, etc that should be there. 
    • We should receive a notice 3 months before we are to be shifted to the transit camp. 
    • We are very poor slum dwellers, so we should we allotted flats free of charge.
    • How many floors will the building be that we are being given as part of the 

    • We should be the proprietary rights holders of the flats.
    • Not all of our names are included in the survey we received from the DDA, so the names that were left out should be included as beneficiaries.
    • The DDA should furnish us with an oath letter that says the residents of the Kathputli Colony will be settled back in the Kathputli Colony only.
    • Temples and mosques that have been built in the Kathputli Colony should remain in their present locations. 
    • Until our needs just mentioned above are not fulfilled we will not sign our names on any paper and we will not shift to the transit camp.

    We request that you fully agree to our above mentioned needs so that we can happily shift to the transit camp.

    Yours faithfully,

    Dalip Bhatt, President of the Cooperative of Lost and Forgotten Artists